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As Muslim mobs burn Stockholm, only nationalist answers can restore peace.

Europe is “sliding towards civil war, and only nationalist policies can put things right” says Nick Griffin MEP, commenting not just on the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, UK, but also on the four days of rioting that have reduced swathes of the capital of Sweden to smoking ruins.

The night of the 22nd May 2013 was the fourth night in a row of rioting which left hundreds of cars ablaze and saw largely immigrant based mobs attacking police with bricks.

The violence began in the immigrant enclave of Husby on Sunday night after police shot an elderly man who threatened them with a machete. Rioting has now spread to at least15 suburbs.

The riots have seen gangs, a majority of which have been made up of teenage boys, attack schools, nurseries and shops, breaking windows and setting buildings ablaze.

The following video includes an interview with Marc Abramsson of the AEMN aligned Swedish National Democrats.


“Fantasies about ‘integration’ by civic nationalist parties such as Ukip and the Sweden Democrats are nothing more than silly pipe-dreams” says Nick Griffin. “Thanks to the greed of big business for cheap labour, and of the political left for cheap votes, the immigrant population are far too big to integrate.

“Immigration has become an invasion, full scale colonisation by alien cultures and creeds which are totally incompatible with our ways.

“It’s no longer enough to have slippery politicians talking tough on immigration just before an election and then doing a Farage and going soft the day after.

“It’s not even enough to genuinely stop immigration. It’s got to be reversed on a massive scale. That’s the only way out of the mess that the old politicians have made. It’s the only road to a peaceful future.”